Still going strong

It’s Day 4







Well, I hope you find my fluctuating weights from the last few days very interesting, because my symptoms are not interesting.

I feel fine!

After completing Day 2, I have had only the teeniest, tiniestmost fleeting little moments of hunger, mild lightheadedness when standing up quickly, or awareness of my heartbeat.  And I’m racking my memory to see whether any of those have occurred in the last 12 hours, and I don’t think so.  No new symptoms, either.  Superpowers of smell continue; fortunately, there’s no B.O. or halitosis around.

Some of the veterans around here keep telling me that Days 4-5 are the worst, that I’m going to start feeling crappy any minute, and that I must be careful when standing, walking, etc.

I broke a rule and took a shower.  I felt fine.

In fact, this morning I felt…not quite euphoric, but… good.  Optimistic.  Grounded.  Calm.

Last night I went to the Gentle Yoga class, which was utterly lovely.  This morning I meditated and later went to a class about functional movements and “Core 4,” essentially good body mechanics and isotonic exercises for preventing back pain.  More lovely.

My days are full of listening to lectures, live or on DVD.  I did drift off to sleep for a moment while watching one this afternoon, so perhaps I’m a little more tired than usual.  I think I slept 9 hours last night and over 10 the night before.  But that can be explained by the last two weeks of my life, during which sleep was disgustingly lacking.


The most interesting question

What will my re-feeding prescription be?  I haven’t been told officially yet.  However, most people who do not have specific diagnoses like diabetes start with watermelon and celery juice.  Diabetics start with vegetable broth.  And juices of both fruit and vegetables are a big part of the re-feeding protocol for many.  Not to be picky, but watermelon, celery, and juices don’t really sound good to me.  I’d rather chew some steamed greens or eat an apple.  I like the idea of FIBER, since I haven’t had any, and a relatively sugary juice sounds a bit too sweet and intense to start with.

Speaking of fiber…

I’ve already told you my weight, so should I tell you about my bowel movements, too?

Maybe tomorrow.