48 hours

I’ve passed the two-day mark

And there really isn’t much to report!  I slept from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., was awake for a while, and slept again from perhaps 4 to 8:15.  Luxury!

At the time of morning medical rounds (vital signs, weight, and a brief discussion with doctor and intern), I was still aware of feeling my heartbeat in my chest.  The heartrate was 80 at rest, a significant change from my baseline of 54.  Dr. Linzer said this is a detox effect; the heart is working harder to get something cleared out.

Under other conditions, that would have been alarming, but in the context of the fast, I’m glad to know that I’m accomplishing something!  Goodbye, food additives, environmental pollutants, heavy metals, or whatever toxins you may be.  Don’t bother coming back, mmkay?

IMG_20151231_152649 IMG_20151231_152749

By mid-morning, I could no longer feel my heartbeat, and the rate is down to 64.  I haven’t felt any more lightheadedness.  I had one very brief, mild moment of nausea at the end of a cooking demonstration; I may not have even noticed it if I weren’t actively scanning myself for symptoms.

Overall, I feel pretty good!  In fact, right now the only thing I could point to which is anything different from a normal day, is that I still seem to have superpowers of smell.  Another patient sharing my suite is on green juices right now.  Every time I walk through the common area, I can smell the vegetable residue from the empty glasses in the kitchen which contained his morning juice.

Hearing other participants talk about their experiences, I’m glad that I didn’t have the flu-like body aches, severe headaches, restlessness or gnawing hunger that others have gone through.

My total allowable fasting time will be four days, so that I can break fast at noon on Sunday and be strong enough to work reliably on Monday.

Halfway through, and all is well.